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Jinkwon Kim, Ph.D. Student


Research Interests
  • Computer Architecture

  • Mincheol Kang, Wonyoung Lee, Jinkwon Kim, and Soontae Kim, "PR-SSD: Maximizing Partial Read Potential By Exploiting Compression and Channel-Level Parallelism", To appear in IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC).
  • Myeongjae Jang, Jinkwon Kim, Jesung Kim, and Soontae Kim, "ENCORE Compression: Exploiting Narrow-width Values for Quantized Deep Neural Networks," accepted for Design, Automation, and Test in Europe Conference (DATE'22).
  • Jinkwon Kim, Mincheol Kang, Jeongkyu Hong, and Soontae Kim, "Exploiting Inter-block Entropy to Enhance the Compressibility of Blocks with Diverse Data," accepted for IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA'22).
  • Jinkwon Kim, Seokin Hong, Jeongkyu Hong, and Soontae Kim, "CID: Co-Architecting Instruction Cache and Decompression System for Embedded Systems," IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC), Vol. 70, No. 7, pp.1132-1145, Jul. 2021.Jul. 2021.