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Guidelines for international students

We are actively recruiting excellent, highly motivated international students from India, Pakistan, Vietnam, China, etc. Preferred majors include computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and other majors with a double or secondary major in computer science and engineering. Our main research areas include embedded systems and software, computer architecture, and operating systems. For these areas, main research topics are low power/energy, reliability, real-time, and high performance. If you are interested in these research areas and topics, you attended at least top 10% universities in your country, and have good GPA (top 10% in your class) and good English score (IELTS, TOEFL, etc), we encourage you to apply to KAIST to join our lab. Your tuitions are waived and you will be paid monthly stipend enough to study and live here. Ph.D. students are better supported financially. Students who will continue to study for Ph.D. are given preference. For more information for application to KAIST, go to KAIST web site at Send your CV, research interests, your study plan, transcripts, English scores, and any other documents showing your qualifications to Prof. Soontae Kim at before application. He will check your qualification and give you feedback if you have good potentials. Good luck and hope to see you in KAIST.